Friday, November 12, 2010

Cruisin' to Cozumel!!!

Jason and Meradith have kindly invited us for the past three years to their company cruise and every year we regretfully had to decline because of scheduling conflicts...but, FINALLY, we decided that it was time to spend some time alone (with thousands of other people)!

It wasn't easy, I had to fly to California to drop off Max at my parents' house. Eric flew in the next day at 8 at night, then we went on the red eye to Miami with a layover in Minneapolis. After two flight delays we ended up in Miami at 3:45p.m....the boat was supposed to leave the dock at 3:30. Luckily, when Delta screws up...they screw up big and so many flights were delayed or grounded that a significant number of cruisers were stuck at airports. To top things off, Delta made us do an in-flight check in of our carry ons and then couldn't get our bags in time so, we spent the first day of the cruise with matching shirts!
Checking out the liddo deck...
Karaoke...I may have invited that girl on stage...but it was a courtesy invite...I never thought she'd come running up!
This was part of the family that adopted us in Minneapolis...if it weren't for their tenacious mom and dad...we might not have made it! Every time we saw them on the ship we would yell, 'family!'
Breakfast by the sea..

Key West was so much fun, we happened to be their for one of their biggest holidays called, 'Fantasy Fest.' We were told it was similar Mardi was and so much more...check out the lady on the bottom right...if you're over 18!
Dancing at the clubs...that Katie...she's AMAZING!!!Cozumel and the ruins were great and inspiring.

Catching some rays on ship day.
Halloween on the boat was great...Mer and Jason won first place...well, they tied first place with my Asian nemesis/doppelganger!!! Just kidding!
The cruise was so much fun, we are planning on attending every year...even if we aren't invited!!! Of all the activities, places, sights, food, and relaxation...our very favorite part was sitting around a table with friends, some old and some new found connecting and remembering that we were once fun and cool and could still be! Long after the slightly dizzying feeling of still being out at sea wore off, I find myself thinking about soft serve and pizza on the liddo deck and great some great conversation from the rise of Communism to wenuses...


Annie said...

Jealous! Looks like you had such a great time. I'm glad you guys got to get away by yourselves for a bit. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish I could be there to celebrate. I hope it's the best.

Cassi said...

I found you! You can not escape the Popes!

Phillips Family said...

Not gonna lie...we are super jealous of your cruise. They are way fun, and just so relaxing.