Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sylvester Phillips

Sunday marked 13 years since Sylvester Phillips died...I never got to meet him, but feel as if I know him from all of the many stories and jokes that are retold of him.

We went to the Clay Hills in honor of him. We also went to name rock where he carved his name...it really was carved by it's namesake unlike the "Brighum Yung" I saw carved in a nearby rock!

Eric & Jim looking triumphant.
...swagga' waggon!!!

"Let my people go!"
Not gonna lie...climbing in all of those caves made me feel like Katniss Everdeen!
Grandpa and Max having a moment!
Chuck, Carli & Max..."I can taste the dirt on my doggo!"

Also made me think of Hunger Games.
The gang posing in front of Sylvester's name.
Daddy and Max.
After a long day, we treated Max to a kid's cone..this was only 35cents!!

We got to take some family photos with Amy Harrison...we loved her SO MUCH!!! Here are a few of the pics



Annie said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love the clay hills. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

The Sandalls said...

Looks like fun!! I love the new family pictures... you guys are such a cute family!!!

Jill said...

I can never watch "Rio Bravo" without thinking of Sylvester. I was convinced when I was little that he was the guy guarding the jail.