Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meeks...Twenty Years!!!

This marked 20 years that Eric's family has been going to Meeks cabin for Labor Day weekend!
The fishing was was wonderful seeing Max interact more with all of the other kids this year!
Max with his walking stick...he just loved Meeks...every morning he would wake up (after only a few hours of sleep) and say, '!'
There was lots of relaxation time spent in the cabin...playing, watching T.V., crafts and of course eating!!! Carrie brought her yummy, chewy Chex mix, Camille brought her savory, ranch Bugle mix, Jody's s'mores were amazing, I brought honey Teriyaki chicken wings and if you were still hankering for some more sweets, there was always the 'Sue Loves you the most' cake that Jennifer brought!
My first Meeks, four years ago, Cooper was just a little guy, it was great but also a little sad to see how mature Cooper was and attentive at taking care of and entertaining Max!
Here are Max and Grady in their matching outfits, chillin' in the main cabin. How cute are they?!?!
We roasted S'mores...I found this bag of GIGANTIC marshmallows...if you look closely you'll see that my GIANT strawberry marshmallow is about six times the size of Conner's regular sized chocolate marshmallow. Conner ate his happily and I felt sick the rest of the night! It was a clear lesson of less is often times more!
Max just loved Clayton. These two were so adorable together. I love this picture because Max had just wiggled his way into Clayton's chair and started touching his face to show him he wanted to be friends, to which Clayton replied (with a surprising amount of clarity and logic for such a young one), "You can sit here next to me, but you don't have to touch me!" Max seemed to understand and their friendship went on quite well after that!
On Sunday, after a great lesson from Jim, we had THE FEAST. I look forward to this meal every year...this year they had baby potatoes (some blue, Yukon and red), crab legs, garlic, shrimp, sausage, corn, garlic, and carrots. It was heavy on the garlic, but even heavier on the delicious!!! Julie and Adam really did an amazing job!!!

Max got his own mini feast! You may have noticed the gargantuan band aid on Max's forehead...the week prior to Meeks, he hit his head on the dresser at the foot of our bead and had to get two dissolving interior stitches...the scab had already fallen off by Meeks, but we put in the band aid so as to appease my over protective conscience!
Giving the sausage thumbs up!Chris, Chris, Chris!Here is a picture of all of the shrimp Eric ate...he and Chuck were competing to see who could eat the most...while Eric beat Chuck, Kale beat all of them without even being in the competition!
I liked this picture as evidence of my husband's contribution in cleaning!!
Family shot after cleaning and right before we left another great Meeks Labor Day weekend! Thank you to all that help make this weekend happen every year!


Jen said...

What a fun family tradition! It looks absolutely beautiful there. What a great family!

Phillips Family said...

It was a fun year at meeks this year. However, next to Grady, Max looks to be in his mid 30's!! Furthermore, Eric's shrimp dieter plate failed in comparison to Kale's man feast!! Over 40!!