Sunday, August 15, 2010

One on one with Jeremy Evans

Every year the Utah Jazz send a representative to travel around the state to put on basketball clinics with the Junior Jazz players. Max isn't old enough to be a Jr. Jazz player yet...but we couldn't resist going to get a picture. I woke Max up early and got him dressed and fed about half an hour early to meet the Jazz member, who turned out to be Jeremy Evans.
Sadly, Kemmerer hasn't done a very good job in the past years of advertising this was at this point (picture myself and Max alone in the gym watching this poor guy who took out his time to do this walking in) that I called Eric and told him that he had to come down and be a little late for work.

Eric, being the good father and husband and having a kind heart, quickly came over. Soon, a few more people showed up and the clinic could begin (keep in mind, there was never more than a dozen people there at one time).
We had a great time and got to be in their video. Here's Max waiting in line with his mini-basketball for an autograph.

I love how little the ball looks in Jeremy Evans' hand compared to Max's double-fisting.

I got to talk with the Jazz guys and get to know them...they were so kind and so gracious...they were telling me how year after year it is always Kemmerer that has the most dismal turnout.The night before they were in Lander and said they had a packed gym of about 300 was the first time I felt a little ashamed, Kemmerer is 7.4 square miles and Lander is barely half of that, yet they could show how much spirit and support a little town can have...during the clinic, they spoke of sportsmanship and what it means..I hope they know that I thought they did a great job of teaching that lesson not only with their words, but with their actions, too!


Phillips Family said...

I met him too. He came to my office. We are, like, the biggest BFF's of all time.

Jill said...

That stinks that there was such a bad turnout. I wanted to take my kids, but Josey's words were "It's probably just some guy they won't even sign to their roster." It's attitudes like his that give Kemmerer a bad name, I guess, and next year I will definitely take my kids. Looks like we missed out.