Monday, August 23, 2010

Hickory, Dickory dock...

Max went to nursery, I took pictures, don't mock!!!
(O.k., that was lame...but today on Sesame Street they were doing Nursery Rhymes and mine was definitely better than Baby Bear's!)
I admit, I'm a little bit of a hover-er and have been a little apprehensive about Max going to, I had to muster all of my self-restraint to not go and check-up on Max at Nursery...but, on my way to the bathroom (granted it was the long way...) I peeped in and saw Eric sitting with Max, singing, as content as can be!!! Eric just happened to be walking by when Max started crying...but you can imagine my shock when I saw Eric in there!!
Max actually missed his first two weeks in Nursery because we were out of town and in other wards and I couldn't bring myself to take him to his first Nursery experience with anyone other than Sister Ellis...this woman is amazing!
She always gives special attention to the 'first timers.' She has so many fun activities...

They stay engaged...and all the while they are learning about the gospel...Max came out of Nursery with this for me all about Christ!
I remember really wanting Carli & Chuck to stay in Evanston one weekend and the only obstacle was their Nursery which I said something along the lines of, just get your back up it makes a difference (before you send me hate comments- keep in mind that I was just trying to get my brother and sister-in-law to stay because I love them)!
Well, now that I get to witness, firsthand, how impactful a person can be when they choose to magnify their calling...I am humbled and grateful for the wonderful people who give so much of themselves. If Sister Ellis is reading this, you don't know how amazing you turn a situation that I was dreading into something that I look forward to every week! Thank you!


Holly & Kasey said...

I know exactly how you feel. Bellamia will love nursery I'm sure, but it just won't be the same not taking her in to Nancy. I love that lady!

Phillips Family said...

We like his little church clothes...especially the last picture where his shirt is untucked and his hair is everywhere.

Meradith said...

He lived through it!!! Hooray for Max!! You will be liberated being able to enjoy Sunday School and RS. I did shed a tear or two the first time we took Lucy so I totally know how it is. Until you have baby #2, and then you'll be so thankful you only have one to juggle. :)