Monday, February 22, 2010

Luxor, Egypt...not Luxor, Vegas!!!

Luxor was so beautiful, I wish I could have stayed longer!!

The resort we stayed at...our pool looked over the Nile River.

Peter being swarmed by Egyptian girls!!!

We went on a Nile River dinner cruise. It actually was one of the funnest evenings we had. You know how Simon and Randy (on American Idol) say, 'you'll be working on a cruise ship one day' as the biggest insult?...well, these people showed that cruise ship entertainment can be pretty top notch, dawg!!!!

Here is a picture of Eric after the belly dancer chose him to dance with her...note, that is his Australia hat she is sullying!

Like father, like son!

Here is a picture of an Egyptian man...fondling me, and Eric doing nothing all for the sake of a box!!!

At the airport on the way home, we ran in to Meradith and Jason...what are the odds? According to Eric...he wasn't surprised at all to see them, they're big ballers when it comes to traveling! I like how creepy Max looks in this picture!!

They were nice enough to invite us over for dinner...we loved the food and company!!

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