Monday, September 14, 2009

Even better looking than Edward Cullen!!!

We went to Provo this weekend to visit Jason and Meradith...on our way shopping, Jason subconsciously drove us to the Halloween store...which, of course, Eric and I were ecstatic about!!! Here is the Max...seriously, way better looking than Edward Cullen!!!! RPatz move aside, Max has got the brooding stare down!!!

Here's Lucy in the "Billy Bob Mullet Hat."
Talk about large shoes to fill!

Lucy is a Snow White cute...I cropped this picture because she is so cute...but I wanted to show the full picture...I love Eric...he always keeps me laughing!!!!

...he spent the whole time carrying this giant R.U.S. if you will...

I always wanted a little blond baby...I mentioned earlier that it was the Billy Bob hat because Eric refused to let me put Max in a girl's wig!

We went to P.F. Chang' was quite good...we noticed in all of the pictures we took Jason and Meradith are cuddling and we are barely touching...that's how we roll!!! While we were waiting for our meal, we noticed high schoolers dressed for their school dance...I can pin point the moment I started looking older...January 8th, 2009 (the day Max was born!) but it's harder to figure out the exact moment I started feeling old...was it when I started checking not only fat and calories but salt and cholesterol?....or maybe when I pulled a muscle while doing absolutely nothing...sleeping on the couch started hurting my back...when I've seen styles come in, go out and come back in fifteen years later (i.e. Madonna and Mylie Cyrus pretty much wear the same clothes)...the first time I heard one of my favorite songs at the bank, I knew the best years were behind me...but, you know what, I'm embracing it...I thought the kid in this picture looked like an idiot and if my son ever tried to dress like this or my daughter ever brought a boy home like this...words would fly and clothes would be I totally out of it or does he look like a moron?!
Max wearing his lil' cougars shirt!!! It wasn't too exciting of a game...BYU smashed the competition!!!
Carli's Salt Lake shower was also this was a nice intimate family gathering...we got to meek Chuck's mother, sister and grandmother. Eric kept saying how nice Chuck's aunt was...I kept asking when he met her...'at the shower.' I don't know how he got it into his head that Chuck's mom was his aunt!
Carli's favorite gift!
Linda made Carli a beautiful blue quilt (I LOVE quilts, too, Linda!!! Hint Hint!!!)
I made strawberry won tons with sour creme and brown sugar...I have to give Wendy lots of credit as she did my grunt work and fried them all (with Becky's help)!!!
Meradith helped by eating them...this is after I double dogged dared her to eat a whole one. We had a great's raining now and I'm a starting to feel the dread of winter... alas, this summer has been one of the best!!!


Meradith and Jason said...

Thank you for not posting the worst of that won ton series! I owe you! It was a fun weekend indeed! I love how I look pretty drunk in most of the pics though, pregnancy is seeping through to the photos. Come down again so I can be a lame frumpy hostess again!! And I do think Max is better looking than E.C! Love that cape!!

Jill said...

Love the Cougar outfit the best! Max is getting so big!

Holly & Kasey said...

Max does make a pretty cute vampire!!