Thursday, April 30, 2009

Max’s 100 day Celebration

It’s Chinese tradition to have the baby’s celebration at either a full month or 100 days…so, as luck would have it, we were in California for Max’s 100 day. Here we had a family get together with my father’s side of the family.Me & Eric. I was so happy to have Eric with me...I went to California two weeks earlier and Eric stayed behind to finish some big cases...and to make matters worse...we got too busy with Easter that he didnt' even have any food in the house...on several occasions I called him at the office at midnight while he ate a lunchable for dinner!!!

Me and Max.

I like this picture of Eric and Max.

Max’s yummy strawberry sponge cake!!! MMMMmmm good!!

Here is a picture of me, Eric and Max at the beach by my parent’s house. If you notice, we are each wearing a Bjorn…that’s because we were testing out the final two we were deciding between. A few of my parents’ neighbors were so excited to see twins and as we got closer and they noticed that I was carrying an empty carrier, they all just looked as us oddly and didn’t say anything! We were wearing our matching plaid outfit….
Here’s Max’s plaid outfit…we didn’t want him getting cold on the walk earlier.
These are two of my best friends Tamara (who was my maid of honor) and her husband Curtis.

Here we are at the Coriya Hot Pot City. Hot pot is sort of like a Chinese fondue, except instead of cheese and wine, it is a broth and everyone gets to put in whatever meat, seafood and vegetable they want. It was so much fun!!!

Next we got an opportunity to visit George and Joan. It was funny…Max LOVED Joan! Immediately, he couldn’t stop smiling at Joan!

Here we are at the fabulous restaurant they took us to in Los Altos. The waitor was the owner. Interestingly, a few nights earlier we went to one of my favorite restaurants where the waitor was also the owner. I ordered one of my favorite dished (eggplant) and the owner saw Eric roll his eyes and told us that he, too, did not like eggplant. He suggested we order the green beans instead, I politely said we would order both…he tried to dissuade us, again,…but I was determined to get my eggplant…apparently he was more determined for me not to have it, as they never brought it out and he refused to get it for me…random, huh?!


Annie said...

So great to see George and Joan on here! It looks like you are having so much fun. I can't get over how cute that little Max is. I can't wait to see him again. Those plaid shorts are the best. I'm glad you guys are having such a great time.

Meradith said...

Looks like the trip was a blast. Luncheables at midnight for dinner? How did he ever survive without you? haha isn't it funny sometimes I have to remind Jason, kindly, patiently, and without guile, that somehow he managed to weather bachelorhood for a lot of years, and actually functioned and flourished in many faucets of life on his own! I think they forget they are capable in fact do a load of laundry! At the same time I've completely forgotten how to take the garbage out and weed whack. hmm. Cute pics! He gets cuter every day! (referring to Max, but that Eric is a little cutie too.)