Sunday, November 16, 2014

Phillips Disneyland 2014

Kiri was so overjoyed with all of the princess wonder of Disneyland!
the kids with their Phillips Disneyland Pirate shirts!
Kiri loved the whale with the open mouth!
gotta love toon town!!
Disneyland at Halloween was an entirely different experience!
Lia overcame so many fears!!! Go Go Gadget!!!
Max and Eric inside Mickey's house! with the 'Maxwell House coffee!'
right before meeting Anna and Elsa!!!
Kiri and Anna!
Lia and her fun fun personality!!
they LOVED running around in bug's life!!!
Meeting Mickey!!!
Meeting Anna and Elsa!!!
Gotta love the Disney Bakery!!!
coming back at night time was so much fun!!!
oh man do they love Tianna!!!
and were they beat!!!!

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