Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Short Bread Cookies

Ok…we have not updated the blog in awhile…while we certainly don’t contest the fact that we are slackers…we do have a method to our madness, as our camera is fully loaded with tons of fun blog worthy pictures (honestly…we took pictures in Cambodia with the blog in mind…DON'T JUDGE US…you know you all do it, too!) but, sadly, our charger is in California. We will just have to make a trip to California and pick it up. Well, let’s see, what has gone on in our lives? We just finished with the slew of Phillips’ birthdays and I am happy that the best was saved for last as Eric’s birthday topped it all off on Feb 22. We had a fun time at Geoff & Jody’s eating Bar-B-Q ribs, potatoes, corn and pies (Eric’s favorites Chocolate and Pumpkin).
I got him (joint with his parents) a home gym system, some UFC stuff and a pair of waders (top of the line says Jim Phillips). My parents surprised us and knowing that Eric broke his watch while we were moving, bought him a ROLEX!!! Pretty cool, huh? We haven’t gotten it sized yet…but pictures to come.
Oh, yes, and there is a matter in which I need to discuss publicly…George and Joan’s shortbread cookies. They kindly sent Jim & Julie and Annie & Bryan some of these decadent cookies this past Christmas. Eric and I said nothing (though they are my favorite cookies, EVER!)…no complaints, nothing…somehow we got a package misplaced in our car labeled to Jim Phillips…the whereabouts of this package was disclosed MANY times to the party who was to receive it…anyways, last week we opened the package and it was the missing cookies for the rest of the family. We just want it publicly known that we were the only family that actually ate the cookies after they were found (... months after they were made and still delicious)…we also were thoughtful in Cambodia and bought a special gift with Joan & George in mind…so, moral of the story…we ought to hold a place of favor once more and this whole cookie debauchery should be put in the past. That is all. I said goodbye!

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